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Take time to clean thoroughly to get your Security Deposit Back!

Once cleaned do not use the oven again!

Do a preliminary cleaning of the bathroom to get the worst done leaving just a touch up before your inspection.

The day before the final inspection go back over all the steps listed here to insure everything is in top condition.

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Move-Out Cleaning

Get Your Security Deposit Back Part 4

Week 4

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Between now and moving day concentrate on finishing up packing and keeping everything as clean as you can. Wipe down showers with an extra towel everytime they are used. Make sure to rinse out the sinks thoroughly everytime they are used. Avoid leaning too close to mirrors when brushing teeth or shaving. Be obsessive about it! Your Security Deposit depends on it.

If you have utilized this week properly you should wake on moving day with virtually everything but a few personal care items, a few food items from the kitchen cabinets, the contents of the refrigerator and the clothes you are going to climb into already packed.

DO NOT PACK your cleaning supplies, broom or dust mop, wet mop or rags.

Empty as many rooms as possible by consolidating everything you possibly can into rooms closest to the exit door.

Using the information above check every single empty room to insure everything still looks pristine. If not, do a quick touch up, double check for missed items, and vacuum or sweep and mop the floor. Close the door to each room as you finish it.

As soon as everyone has taken care of their personal hygiene needs, squirt Soft Scrub in the sink, bowl cleaner in the toilet and spray down shower walls. Scrub the shower quickly, and rinse thoroughly then dry all surfaces with a clean towel, swish the bowl cleaner around the toilet flush and wipe down with a damp rag moistened with disinfectant and dry. Wipe out the last drawer or cabinet, do a quick scrub of the sink and rinse. Spray a bit of disinfectant on the counter, wipe down and dry making sure faucets are shining. Sweep debris from the floor and mop. Close the door and leave. Unless you missed getting this thoroughly clean in week 2 you should be finished in about 5 minutes.

As soon as the last item is moved out and loaded wipe out the refrigerator, use a rag with a disinfectant to wipe out any shelving and drawers used until now. Wipe off the counters, stove top and the exterior of the hood and dry off to bring a shine to metal surfaces. Squirt Soft Scrub in the sink scrub lightly rinse and dry interior (to avoid water spotting) and faucets. Sweep floor and mop. Vacuum your way out the door.

Congratulations! Good Luck in your new residence. You are now ready for your inspection!

Final Note: Should you decide to hire someone to do your move out clean, schedule your clean as soon as you know the date you will move. Be prepared to move out at least 48 hrs prior to your final inspection to insure your cleaner is provided ample opportunity to do a thorough job. Their reputation depends on passing the final inspection and allowing insufficient time to complete your clean is not fair to them.

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