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Take time to clean thoroughly to get your Security Deposit Back!

Once cleaned do not use the oven again!

Do a preliminary cleaning of the bathroom to get the worst done leaving just a touch up before your inspection.

The day before the final inspection go back over all the steps listed here to insure everything is in top condition.

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Move-Out Cleaning

Get Your Security Deposit Back Part 3

Week 3

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Now your move out cleaning will be less intense but no less important. Using the Webster brush shown on the Cleaning Tools page go thru each room. Throw a rag over your shoulder and carry the 409 with you. Take the webster round brush and clean around the perimeter of all ceilings and down each corner all the way to the floor and back up to continue around the ceiling. Brush lightly across the ceiling making sure to clean all the vents, fan fixtures & cold air returns. Finally run the brush around the top of all base boards in each room and the top of window and door frames. If your doors are detailed instead of flat panels make sure to dust all the ledges well. At this time, if needed, mist a damp rag with 409 disinfectant and wash all the base boards and the door, removing any drips or debris that remains, paying particular attention to around door knobs. Before leaving each room wipe down light switches and door knobs with your rag misted lightly with 409.

Remove all glass globes and shades on light fixtures and clean. Replace all burnt out bulbs before replacing the light covers.

If the refrigerator needs defrosting or is seriously dirty then this is the time to also complete that task. Getting this done now will be another huge benefit versus trying to rush during the last week. Remove all the contents, throwing out old items. Wipe down all containers so the inside stays as clean as possible and bag up loose items like meats, fruits and vegetables. Remove all the shelving and wipe down the interior, clean and dry the shelves thoroughly before returning. Place all items back in consolidating to just a few, if possible, of your now clean shelves. Wipe down the exterior using a toothbrush moistened with 409 to clean around hinges and the handle.

Wipe down the dishwasher exterior, open the door and using the 409 wipe down the inside edges of the door, the hinges, and the latch making sure the underside of the latch is also clean.

Does the microwave stay or go. If it stays clean it inside and out including the top and bottom, where loads of dust has probably accumulated and the glass inner tray. It wouldn't hurt to do this even if it goes with you to start fresh at your new home.

Wash the outside of all the kitchen cabinets, thoroughly clean the sink with Soft Scrub with bleach, using a tooth brush to clean around the rim, faucet base and the garbage disposal.

Sweep and mop all flat floors. Run the vacuum in all the open areas, hopefully quite a few if you removed the bulk of the furniture in week 1.

Breathe! If you've done the above by the end of week 3 you are 90% assured of getting your security deposit back.

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