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Take time to clean thoroughly to get your Security Deposit Back!

Once cleaned do not use the oven again!

Do a preliminary cleaning of the bathroom to get the worst done leaving just a touch up before your inspection.

The day before the final inspection go back over all the steps listed here to insure everything is in top condition.

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Get Your Security Deposit Back

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If you even have a hope of getting your security deposit back you had to provide 30 days notice of your intent to move. Don't waste the 30 days! If you start now getting your security deposit back will be a breeze!

Contrary to popular belief your apartment manager or landlord wants to return your security deposit. Why? Apartment managers usually have a cleaning sub-contractor do a final spruce up prior to re-renting the apartment and Landlords would prefer to not have to spend money at all, getting the house cleaned, prior to leasing to new tenants. Both would prefer to pay me only a nominal fee, at most, rather then have the apartment or home tied up for days once you leave.

What that means for you, and your security deposit, is if you spend the intervening 30 days getting your apartment or home back into the condition it was in the day you rented it, Violá, one security deposit back in your pocket.

The following instructions and the timing are based on you having a full-time job with only nights and week-ends available to do your move out preparation and final move-out cleaning. It is possible to condense the time into a much shorter period; however; I do not recommend trying to do this in less then 10 days. If you select to do it in 10 days or less you are going to be one extremely tired dude when you reach that final day. Please don't do that! I do not want you to blow off your security deposit simply because you are too worn out to finish up.

Before proceeding FIND the paperwork that you received when you moved in. You will need it during the cleaning process in order to determine what you are responsible for returning to the original condition and what was blemished or damaged at the time you moved in. If nothing was documented at the time you took possession you are responsible for repairing all blemishes or damage.

During the final walk through have this paperwork in hand to show what things were listed at the time you took possession.

Let's get started!


Week 1

Pack, Pack, PACK! Seriously, this is of the highest priority! Spend your first week going thru room by room and stripping everything you will not need for the next 30-60 days and pack it! Consolidate anything remaining on lower shelves or in only as many drawers as needed and wipe off all empty shelves and drawers. Keep only the very minimum of what you will need during the move and any old, thin bath towels and wash cloths, they make outstanding cleaning rags when cut or torn to the size needed for a cleaning task. The more you can pack the easier your move out cleaning will be. Select one room perferably a bedroom or garage and put all your packed boxes there.

If you have wall to wall furniture consider renting a storage unit or if your apartment complex will allow it rent a POD, a good moving and storage solution. Find a POD in your area. A storage unit or POD will allow you to remove everything, you have determined can be lived without, giving you maximum cleaning space. Call the POD dealer and it will vanish until moving day when it will reappear at your new residence.

Take a day off! You deserve it. Getting the excess contents out of your apartment or home is a MAJOR accomplishment

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