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To kill 99.9% of all the germs on a sponge place it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Empty the fridge, spray with disinfectant, 409 or Clorox Clean-up, wipe out and replace contents.

Bar Keeper's Friend will remove rust stains and marks from pots and pans on on a wide range of kitchen sinks.

Wipe down Stainless Steel appliances with soap and water then dry with a terry cloth rag following the *grain* of the stainless steel.

Once a week pull the filter from the exhaust fan and wash with a load of dishes.

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Quick Cleaning the Kitchen

How to Clean Kitchens Quickly

You are in control of your ability to clean the kitchen quickly. If you are in the habit of leaving dirty dishes throughout the day or even until the next day, you already know you are probably going to need a chisel to remove the dried, caked on food. This is self-defeating to quick kitchen clean up. Counters populated with most of your small appliances is another hinderance to quick kitchen cleaning. Unless a small appliance is used daily stash it in a drawer, cabinet or pantry!

Working on the assumption that dishes are done at each meal, or at the very least rinsed, and your counters are not cluttered with small applicances, cleaning the kitchen each evening, in about 10-15 minutes is very doable. A bit more time might be needed for larger kitchens, but your goal should be to never take more then 20 minutes.

Run hot water in the sink and add dish soap after you turn off the water to prevent producing excessive suds. Do not fill your second sink with rinse water yet. Rubber gloves will allow you to use the hottest water possible. Put the dishes in to soak or rinse and load the dishwaster.

Grab your stocked cleaning caddy, your broom and mop. I recommend keeping a cleaning caddy stocked with just your kitchen cleaning products under the sink so it is handy at all times. Keeping necessary supplies handy derails any excuse that having to look for them encourages.

Working from one side of the sinks around the kitchen until you return to the opposite side mist the counters lightly, as you progress, and wipe down each portion as you get to it. Rinse your rag frequently in the spare sink. Some surfaces may need to be dried as they are cleaned to prevent streaking. The best location for your drying rag is flipped over your shoulder where it can be grabbed quickly when needed.

As you reach each large appliance mist your rag and the appliance lightly and quickly clean the appliance. If the appliance is stainless steel dry it with a terry cloth rag following the visible *grain* of the stainless steel, using long, straight, downward strokes. This grain is usually quite apparent and runs from the top of the appliance down. Enamel surfaces in the kitchen usually do not need to be dried if you use the disinfectant on the house cleaning supplies page. If you have an automatic ice/water dispenser decide if the tray needs to be tossed into the dishwater or dishwasher. Do Not put into the dishwasher unless you know it is dishwaster safe.

Make cleaning the range each evening an easy task by wiping up all spills on the range as you cook. Decide if the exhaust hood filter and burner drip pans, if a gas range, need cleaning, if it they do add them to the dishes or dishwasher. Cleaning the filter should be done at least monthly, perferably weekly and drip pans as needed. Mist the range top, wipe down and shine up with your rag.

The new cleaners for glass range tops are designed to work chemically on baked on food. Glass and ceramic range top cleaners are not *grit* based and are the best choice for cleaning burned on food debris from those cooktops. Weiman Cook Top Cleaner is easily found in many stores and one my favorite glass and ceramic range top cleaner. My second is Bar Keeper's Friend, however some caution must be used with Bar Keeper's Friend as some range tops are NOT glass or ceramic but some type of high grade, heat resistant polymer. While Bar Keeper's Friend will remove burned on debris other cleaners will not you must use a lot of moisture with it and use light to moderate pressue otherwise the polymer range tops will scratch.

Now fill the second sink with rinse water wash the dishes if you are hand washing, dry and put away; otherwise turn on the dishwasher. Any sponge used in the kitchen MUST be cleaned daily. There is no item in the kitchen with more bacteria than that sponge. This can be done by putting it in the microwave and heating for 2 minutes on high (preferred method) however; if it has metal of any kind in it add it to the dishwasher each night.

Sweep and mop the floor! Your kitchen is now clean!

Turn off the light and enjoy your evening.

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