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A Plastic Putty knife will allow easy removal of wax from bathroom surfaces.

Remove rust stains from white porcelain sinks, tubs and stools with Whink!

Use a damp toothbrush to clean corners of solid floors in all rooms.

409 Solution and a toothbrush will clean the grime from around the base of stools.

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Quick Cleaning for Bathrooms

How to Quick Clean Bathrooms

Quick cleaning your bathroom simply cannot be done if you haven't taken the time to do a full deep, detailed clean. If your bathroom is not clean at the foundation, however, trying to do a quick bathroom clean is not going to happen. Quick bathroom cleaning should take under 10 minutes and should be done once a week, 3 out of 4 weeks every month. The fourth week should be a modified full clean to insure cabinets and drawers stay in good shape. A quick bathroom clean can also be used when you suddenly find out, on short notice, that company is coming.

Products & Tools to Quick Clean your Bathroom

  • Soft Scrub with Bleach
  • The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • The Works Tub & Shower Cleaner for hard water build up, or
  • Tilex Soap Scum Remover for soap scum build up
  • Windex, Original Formula
  • Scotch-Brite Scrubber (white, fine scrubber, bathroom & kitchen)
  • terry cloth rag
  • broom or dustmop
  • soapy ammonia (1 gal water, cup ammonia and 1-2 tsps Dawn) if needed and time permits
  • Rayon Cut End Wet Mop or Libman mop

Steps to Quick Clean the Bathroom

  • Sweep or dustmop the floor this removes debris and keeps tools dry.
  • Spray Shower Cleaner in the Shower
  • Apply Bowl Cleaner in the Stool making sure to get up under the rim
  • Squirt Soft Scrub w/bleach in the sink
  • Return to Shower/Tub quickly scrub and rinse with the hottest water you can get, if you do not have a shower attachment that lets you run water on the walls you can recycle a 32 oz convenience store cup or similiar item
  • Swish the inside of the stool with your brush and flush
  • Spray disinfectant or anti-bacterial agent on a damp rag and wipe down the stool rim, seat (upper and lower surface), lid tank and outside of stool
  • Rinse rag with hot water and apply it to the Soft Scrub in sink distributing around the sink and faucets
  • Rinse everything, including the rag
  • Wipe down the Counter top
  • Clean the mirrof if needed (this is optional if mirror isn't dirty)
  • Place bath rug over the rim of tub or top of shower doors
  • Quickly damp mop, if needed and time permits, turn out the lights and leave

This is not intended to be detail cleaning, work quickly moving immediately from one cleaning area to the next cleaning in the sequence given to avoid contaminiating your sink and counters

Bathrooms are the most used room in the house and must have a full clean at least once a month. Quick cleaning will keep the soil, in the average family, from developing into a major problem that will interfere with your willingness to do a full clean.

For help to keep the bathroom clean the bathroom checklist will help you schedule various bathroom cleaning tasks. The checklist can also be used to delegate easier bathroom cleaning chores to other family members.

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