Lime building up in your teakettle? Get a Glass one. Regular washing is all it needs. Electric Range? Don't forget to use the metal guard.

Melted plastic on your Toaster? Use fingernail polish to remove it. Test first to insure it does not also remove the finish.

To freshen and kill garbage disposal smells grind up 1/2 fresh lemon. Grapefruit or orange peel will also work.

To clean inside dirty microwaves place a bowl with equal amounts of water and white vinegar inside bring to a boil then allow to set up 10 minutes before wiping out.

Defrosting the Freezer? Haul out that fan you use summers. Point it at the freezer opening, turn it on high and be prepared to work fast once things begin melting.

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Easy cleaning and cleaning kitchens are contradictory terms. In fact if your kitchen was a child most homemakers would be in danger of being reported for abuse. Why? The kitchen is the busiest and most used room in your home. Even the simple process of fixing a sandwich means hands open drawers, cabinets and the refrigerator. While visually clean those same hands have minuscule particles of dirt and body oil that are transferred with each touch. Add in the airborne particles from cooking and just general kitchen use and even after short periods of time those transferred particles attract more dirt until the most diligent homemaker can *see* the buildup on everything.

That means deep cleaning and organizing the kitchen can be the most intimadating task the homemaker faces. Deep cleaning other rooms in your home can usually be done in one session but, deep cleaning the kitchen is futile if you do not include organizing too. Simply cleaning out the interior without decluttering and organizing things, to suit the manner you work in your kitchen, is just going to see you back in the same condition sooner rather than later. That means cleaning and organizing is better done broken down into several sessions, with one cleaning task being accomplished in each session.

In no particular sequence these sessions are, cabinet interiors, cabinet exteriors, large applicances, kitchen surfaces and floors. Each of the deep cleaning sessions can be broken down even further depending on the size of your kitchen. You might want to clean only the upper cabinets in one session and the lower in a subsequent kitchen cleaning session. Or tackle deep cleaning the refrigerator one evening and deep clean the oven another evening. YOU are in control of your kitchen deep cleaning schedule. Do only as much kitchen deep cleaning in one session as you can finish and never try to over achieve. Breaking kitchen deep cleaning into multiple sessions that accommodate the amount of time you have will make the task not only much more manageable but as you check off each task your feeling of accomplishment will grow as each is completed.

A word of warning - I do not use any Orange based cleaner when cleaning kitchens! And my advise is to be very careful with the use of any orange-based cleaner in the kitchen because some contain petroleum distillates. Petroleum distillates will break down the rubber gaskets around refrigerator and dishwasher doors.

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