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Think Assembly line cleaning. Clean all similiar items on each floor at the same time.

Cleaning is about controlling dust.

Always dust, sweep and vacuum high to low to reduce dust between cleanings.

Feather Duster, Feather Duster, Feather Duster! You cannot afford to be without one.

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House Cleaning Made Easy!

How Do You Clean House?

How do you clean? Do you spend your housecleaning time leap-frogging from one domestic housecleaning task to the next, rarely finishing anything? Does even the thought of cleaning your bathroom send you into total avoidance willing to do anything that doesn't include toilets, tubs or sinks? Do dishes sit in the sink until the morning after because there is no time to take care of them before running to the next baseball or football game, music or dance lesson?

Stop! Before undertaking the next housecleaning task, you need to come to some realizations. The first and most important one! Maintaining your home is as intricate a business as any Fortune 500 company and you are the CEO.

Fortune 500 companies run on *Delegation* of duties. From the CEO and President down to the mail room clerk. Tasks are delegated and shared down the chain according to the experience level of the next lower level.

Why should that concern you? It means that the very first task you need to tackle in order to begin making your housecleaning easy is development of your organizational and evaluation skills.

Making your housecleaning easy starts with some simple questions:

  • Is it really necessary to do this housecleaning project, right now, at this particular moment in time?
  • Is this a housecleaning task only I can do?
  • Is this the best tool for this housecleaning task?
  • Is this the best product for this housecleaning task?
  • Is there enough time to finish this housecleaning task?

If you answered in the negative to any of the above questions about your housecleaning let me be the first to "Welcome you to the Real World"! Making House Cleaning easy isn't about a single person doing it all. House Cleaning skills and techniques are learned skills and once learned those skills should be shared and used by every member of your household.

Where do the *House Cleaning Made Easy* skills and techniques begin? With you! Assisted by the pages here at House Cleaning Made Easy.

Start by analyzing your housecleaning efforts, are you acting or reacting? Acting means you are responding to the natural need that something needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Reacting means something is screaming at you to "Clean me NOW!" and probably means that you are cleaning in disorganized spurts, never quite finishing, never fully utilizing the resources you have available.

  • Evaluate your Family Lifestyle and Prioritize Family Activities
  • Create a Family List of House Cleaning Goals
  • Delegate suitable housecleaning tasks to every family member
  • Schedule each family members housecleaning Using Cleaning Checklists

House Cleaning made easy will provide you with detailed information that you can tailor to your housecleaning needs.

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