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Toss the dust mop and wet mop into the washer with cleaning rags at least once a month.

Leave bowl cleaner in the brush, tap to remove excess, to prevent bacteria buildup.

Bathroom personal care products should be put into cabinets and drawers leaving a minimum to move when cleaning.

Keep the bathmat clean longer, and provide quicker drying, drape it over the edge of tub or top of shower door.

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House Cleaning Tools

Tools for Cleaning a House

A house simply cannot be cleaned properly without good housecleaning tools; cleaning tools specifically designed for each stage of the housecleaning process. House Cleaning tools that are simple, both in design and use, and do not require constant purchase of disposal products to keep the tools working.

House Cleaning tools must accomplish cleaning tasks quickly and easily. Having too many housecleaning tools can be just as self-defeating as having too few! Both conditions create what can easily become an insurmountable stalemate. Too few tools mean a needed cleaning task gets put off because there is no adequate tool to accomplish the cleaning task. An over-abundance of cleaning tools mean the homemaker ends up trying first one cleaning tool, then another, then yet another until they give up in defeat.

Manufacturers are bombarding the market with cleaning equipment they claim will save time. The reality is 95+% of all the new cleaning equipment being rushed to market is not designed with reducing your housecleaning time as the goal. It is designed and introduced with one goal, creating an ongoing source of income for the manufacter as you use up and must replace disposable elements of the tool. Face the fact, manufacturer's are in the business of selling their housecleaning products and they accomplish that quite well whether the cleaning product is deserving of the hype given it or not.

As a woman and a housecleaner I am not impressed with all the tools that require disposable gear. A simple dust mop can be thrown in the washer and will last years! The fine feather tips of the feather duster, with a little practice, will go places where no disposable duster can; e.g. your finest nick nacks. A wet mop provides so much more cleaning power as you dig your toe in to provide an extra boost on things like dried up dog slobber or that splash of spagetti sauce. All these items are a one time purchase that can be used for a year into many years.

I hear many saying "Well So What?". My reply is a challenge. Add up the initial cost of the basic tool 6 months cost of replacing all those disposables and then decide if you can find another use for all that money. Bet you can!

Women make the decision to use specific housecleaning equipment based on all those televised ads proclaiming how much easier housecleaning will be if only they are using the cleaning tool the ad is promoting. In their quest to make their housecleaning easier American women are falling prey to advertising claims that only rarely live up to claimed performance!

House cleaning tools need to do the job you expect them to do and do it efficiently. The main purpose of all cleaning products and tools should be to help you by making your housecleaning quick and easy requiring minimal effort, with no additional purchases needed to keep it working.

Over the years I have developed a standard list of tools I give to each new customer. Today, the cleaning tools I use, in every home I clean, has varied little from what I started out using many years ago. Differences are mostly re-designs creating a more useful tool then the original version. e.g. Dust mops are now 20" wide not 10-12". One newer item that is a definite back saver is the extendable handle Scrubber by 3M®.

Cleaning Tools

3M®, Scotch-Brite Scrubber - white, fine scrubber for cleaning bathroom tubs and shower stalls, tough enough to clean soap scum and grime from shower walls and bathtub inner surfaces, soft enough to use on the metal surfaces.

3M®, Scotch-Brite Shower & Bath Scrubber with extending handle - blue, replacements scrubbers are available. This scrubber is ideal for reaching those hard to get to areas of the shower and ideal for reaching across the expanses in today's jacuzzi's and whirlpool tubs.

Synthetic Cut End Wet Mop - Rayon is great for wet mops as it does not rot or mildew and is my preference for washable floors. Double check to insure it is cut end, NOT looped end. Rayon wet mops come in various styles and sizes, 12-24 oz. I recommend one that allows the mop head to be replaced for ease in washing regularly. One style will have a snap lock that holds a flat style binding, mostly available for commercial cleaning. An alternate style, and usually the easiest to find is round and the mop head simply screws on the stand handle.

Libman Wonder Mop - The Wonder Mop® by Libman consists of wide, non-woven absorbent strips that hold as much or as little moisture as you want. The Libman is a good selection for homes with only a few smaller floors. Need to mop? Use the built-in wringer for the exact amount of dampness needed. Need to mop up a spill? Wring out by hand to remove as much moisture as possible and it becomes highly absorbant for quick mop-ups.

Libman® Precision Angle Broom - 2 color bands of polymer fibers, 74 tufts, and a 11" wide sweeping surface. Gets into all those corners and crevices quickly and easily.

O'Cedar® Dust Mop - 20" wide for quick removal of debris the head swivels 360 degrees. Made of nylon it quickly grabs dust, especially cat and dog fur. This mop is machine washable insuring you can quickly and easily clean it when needed.

Feather Duster with 18-20" wooden handle. Dust not only surfaces but all your valuable curios and collectibles.

Squeegee's are the best piece of equipment for cleaning windows. Purchase one separate from the handle and has a replaceable blade. This will allow you to purchase the specific handle that you require whether it be 18" or 48".

Webster Brush Duster - Electrostatically attract with this tool's plastic fibers and round head. Easily clean corners, baseboards and remove cobwebs then carry it all outside and tap gently to release.

Oval ceiling fan duster brush quickly and easily slips over ceiling fan blades removing dust from edges as well as hard to reach blade tops.

A Cleaning Caddy is one of the essential tools in making housecleaning quick and easy. Keeping one of all cleaning supplies stored in a cleaning caddy means everything is always close at hand when cleaning needs to be done.

Rags: My favorite rags always are bably diapers but when the price of a dozen diapers exceeded what I was willing to pay and the supply at garage sales vanished I changed to terry cloth rags. They are suitable for all surfaces, easily torn or ripped into smaller rags, and are troopers at gathering dust. Unlike microfiber cloths which cannot be used on all surfaces terry cloth is safe to use on everything.

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