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Always use a liner in the trash container.

Keep extra liners in the bottom of trash containers making it easy to replace with a new one when emptied.

Bathroom personal care products should be put into cabinets and drawers leaving a minimum to move when cleaning.

Keep the bathmat clean longer, and provide quicker drying, drape it over the edge of tub or top of shower door.

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A house simply cannot be cleaned properly without good cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies specifically formulated for each cleaning project. The cleaning supplies I recommend below are proven, both in their ability to do the cleaning they are targeted for but, in their disinfectant ability in the home and in the length of time they have been on the market.

Private label, fad cleaners and natural cleaning supplies all have their place but the fact is if you are pressed for time using easily obtained and quick acting supplies will be what you need. While many are almost obsessed with insisting everyone use their cleaning supplies I prefer to provide information on which cleaning supplies will make your cleaning easy and quick while providing the disinfection properties families need.

Cleaning supplies that are recommended are easily obtained, easy to use and, unless otherwise noted, are safe for septic systems. The one exception is bleach. Excessive use of bleach is not recommended for septic tanks. Soft Scrub with bleach is the only product with bleach I highly recommend for cleaning. Used in the small amounts I recommend for cleaning sinks, quarter sized amount, its impact is minimal.

ALWAYS READ LABELS AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Why? It's possible that someone in your family has a sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients. Possibly you've used a related cleaning supply in the past and you assume the new cleaner has the same properties; e.g. disinfection time, cleaning ability and ease of use. That is not the case in many new cleaning products. An example is the new fad: *Orange based cleaners*. They do certainly disinfect; however many must remain on a surface 10 or more minutes for full disinfection compared with similar products with a disinfection time of 30 seconds.

NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MIX CLEANING SUPPLIES. Why? Different cleaning chemicals when mixed create gases that are extremely dangerous! Never mix bleach with ammonia or ammonia products. Doing so will release dangerous levels of harmful gases. The following article is specifically about drain cleaners but the information pertains to mixing chemicals of ANY KIND; Why You Should Never Mix Two Kinds of Drain Cleaner Together. Please take the time to read it. It could save your respiratory system if not your life.

Consumers of housecleaning products fall into three catagories.

  1. Never changes housecleaing products.
  2. Tries new housecleaning products occasionally; usually when the retail store is out of their regular item.
  3. Has cabinets full of housecleaning products purhased, used once or twice then something new became available.

The truth is that woman rarely make the decision to use specific cleaning supplies based on their performance. In fact after so many years nothing I find in a new clients home should surprise me but, I still find myself amazed when I go to work for a new client and some of the most intelligent, successful women I've ever met show me what they are using for cleaning. I don't know about other countries but American women work way to hard at cleaning! They have been coerced, by marketing, friends, relatives even co-workers into using cleaning supplies that do not make their housecleaning quick and easy but instead prolong the process until many dread even the thought of cleaning.

Manufacturer's are in the business of selling their cleaning products and they accomplish that quite well whether the cleaning product is deserving of the hype given it or not.

Cleaning supplies need to do the job you expect them to do and do it efficiently. The main purpose of all cleaning products is to help you by making your housecleaning easy and quick requiring minimal effort

Over the years I have had the opportunity to try just about all of them because I try to use up whatever is in the home before working my favorites into the cleaning program. Today, with only a couple of variations the cleaning products I use in every home I clean are listed below.

Cleaning Products


The Works® Toilet Bowl Cleaner - The Works Brand is your hard water stain expert! Use the original formula! Carefully spray twice around the inside of the toilet making sure the first time around the inside of the bowl some of the product swishes up under the rim. With more active ingredients then other brands and its thin formula you will see exceptional cleaning power; rust stains, lime, calcium, magnesium and other minerals found in hard water will simply dissolve and you will use 50%-60% less then those other brands. Watch while it works, you will see it gently foam anywhere it finds mineral buildup.

The Works® Tub And Shower Cleaner - Again The Works is your Hard Water Problem Solver. Spray gently and evenly over all the walls, doors and fixtures of your tub or shower and watch the minerals cause it to foam lightly telling you it is working at eliminating hard water stains on contact. More active ingredients allows for exceptional cleaning power against rust stains as well as lime, calcium, magnesium and other minerals found in hard water. There's no hard scrubbing needed - pass your scrubber lightly over the sprayed walls and fixtures to remove any solid debris then just spray and rinse everything down the drain.

20 Mule Team Borax - Having this product in your cleaning arsenal is like having a small miracle in a box. I've used it for so many things; as a bathroom cleaner to brightening laundry, from a battle against fleas to making fine china SHINE, that I'm hesitant to make specific claims. The link above will take you to the official Borax website where you can read about the officially approved suggestions. Google "20 Mule Team Borax uses" to discover a multitude of user claims on Borax from the resourceful to the wacky, some actually work.

Windex®, Original Formula - with Ammonia-D®, great for fast and easy cleaning of tough dirt and grime. Use it on glass, mirrors, chrome, plastic, stainless steel, and other surfaces in nearly every room of your home and your automobile. Use anywhere you want a streak-free shine! It's fabulous at softening and removing excessive hair spray build up.

Clorox Soft Scrub with Bleach - is a mildly abrasive cleaner that disinfects while removing tough dirt and stains. Squeeze a quarter sized amount into the sink, wet a cloth and swish around until you have it all in the cloth then clean the sink and fixtures. Squeeze a bit more directly on stains and allow to sit a minute and continue. Rinse well.

Bar Keeper's Friend will clean your stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tile, plastic, copper, china, fiberglass, imitation marble, tile, grout, chrome, and composition sinks. It removes rust, marks left behind by pots and pans, stains, all the things left behind by other cleaners. My one reservation about using it every single time is that is does not disinfect. When you use Bar Keeper's Friend make sure you follow up with a product that does disinfect!

Tilex® Soap Scum Remover; Renamed as Tilex® Bathroom Cleaner by Clorox - A nonabrasive shower cleaner that dissolves soap scum almost immediately on contact. Heavy buildup takes a little longer and really heavy build up may require a second treatment. Use a scrubber lightly to loosen soil then rinse it all down the drain. Standard cleaning use the spray setting to maximise the number of cleanings from each bottle. Heavy soap scum buildup, use the foam setting for dispensing; once clean return to the spray setting. Watch even your bath oil bathtub ring flow down the tub wall! EPA Registered as a disinfectant: bactericidal and mildewcidal.

Clorox® Clean-up; Renamed as Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach by Clorox - is a spray cleaner that cleans and disinfects with the power of bleach. It removes tough stains, grease and dirt and then gets rid of the germs you can't see. It leaves your house smelling clean and fresh, and sparkling with the purest clean and disinfects. Quote from an Oregon State 2011 publication: "A good rule of thumb is 10 minutes of contact time with 10% bleach achieves effective disinfection for most routine applications."

Formula 409 - Cleans and degreases virtually any hard, nonporous surface; no rinsing required. Formula 409® All Purpose Cleaner is powerful cleaner to handle the toughest messes, with hardly any effort. Spray Formula 409® straight on to soils and wipe clean. Repeat for heavily soiled areas.

Cleans and deodorizes non-food surfaces: Spray Formula 409® wet. Let stand 30 seconds and wipe. For heavy soil precleaning may be necessary..

Powers through tough messes including kitchen grease and grime. Versatile -- tackles everything from soap scum to grease, to crayon marks to scuff marks on children's toys. Kills 99.9% of E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and Strep on hard non-porous surfaces in 30 seconds.

Whink® Rust Stain Remover is my miracle in a bottle for solving really bad rust problems in white sinks and toilet bowls. Whink® safely and easily removes rust stains from white sinks & white toilet bowls as well as colorfast fabrics & carpets. Read and follow instructions carefully. Make sure you test well for color fastness prior to using on fabric, carpet or any non-white porcelain object .

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