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Empty the fridge, spray with disinfectant, 409 or Clorox Clean-up, wipe out and replace contents.

Bar Keeper's Friend will remove rust stains and marks from pots and pans on a wide range of kitchen sinks.

Wipe down Stainless Steel appliances with soap and water then dry with a terry cloth rag following the *grain* of the stainless steel.

Once a week pull the filter from the exhaust fan and wash with a load of dishes.

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Clean the Oven

Cleaning the Kitchen Oven

Sheesh! What woman doesn't put off cleaning the oven until it's a gargantuan cleaning chore! So how can I make cleaning your oven easier? Maybe even a little eco-friendly?

The fact is if you are pressed for time and it has to be completed today! I can't! In this scenario you'll have to resort to commercial cleaners. There are many good ones on the market and only you can determine which one to use, based on the amount of time you have, how dirty your oven is and what your physical limitations (e.g. allergies) are. HOWEVER, if time is on Your side then read on.

If you are lucky enough, as the majority are today, to have a continuous cleaning or self-cleaning oven then your cleaning will consist of following the manufacturer's instructions. Can't find the manual? Do a Google search for your brand for further information or contact the manufacturer! Continuous clean ovens *usually* consist of wiping out the debris that migrates to the bottom but occasionally more serious cleaning will be needed. Self-cleaning ovens are ALL different as to the cleaning requirements. NEVER, NEVER use any oven cleaning product on either one or you will destroy the oven cleaning properties.

So! You aren't blessed with either a continuous cleaning or self-cleaning oven, instead you have a basic, have to do it the hard way, oven. You're in good company because so do I. My gas range is 26 years old and I used to go to any almost extent to avoid using it until I discovered that it can be cleaned relatively easily. If yours is really dirty the first time will not be quick but once clean keeping it clean will be quick.

  • What you will need:

    • Putty Knife
    • Foam Paint Brush
    • Wide Flat Bottom Dish
    • Large Box Baking Soda

Using the putty knife scrape as much of the burned drips and overflowed food debris off the bottom as possible. The more of this carbonized food you can get off at this stage, while it is dry, the better. I have a small hand-held brush with dustpan, about 6" x 8", that I brush the debris into.

Oven Cleaning Instructions (Read Completely before starting)

Pour a large amount of baking soda into the flat bottomed dish and add enough water to make a loose paste. It should be about the consistancy of pancake batter, add more water as needed while working. You will need a lot of baking soda for this method.

The object is to paint the water and baking soda mixture on everything in your oven. DO NOT remove! Paint the oven consistently at least once a day, and use normally. Baking soda isn't toxic but DOES have a major effect on burned debris. Depending on how dirty your oven starts out within a few days you should begin seeing the messy burned on crud fall to the bottom. DO NOT brush and wipe out until the sides are as clean as you want them. At that point you can brush out the bottom and wipe down the sides. However, bottoms are likely to need additional treatment since they take the brunt of the spills and overflows so do not wipe down the bottom unless it is as clean as you want it.

Once clean make sure you line the bottom with a sheet of aluminum foil to catch all the bubble overs in the future.

That's it! The alternative is to use a retail product that is labor intensive and in some cases fills your home with undesirable fumes both as you use it and after it's wiped down.

Pressed for time so you have to use a retail product? FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS! I can't stress that enough. Every single oven cleaning product has different requirements. Once you have finished cleaning heat the oven to 300° or so, allow to cool, and you will see all the areas where cleaner wasn't completely removed allowing you to finish the removal and more importantly clearing the fumes that happen after cleaning with a retail cleaner.

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