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House Cleaning Checklist for Garages, Sheds

Checklist for Scheduling Garage, Shed Cleaning

The garage and sheds checklist below was designed so you can schedule time to complete all cleaning tasks and not lose track of what housecleaning task was done last in the garage and sheds. The checklist can also be used to assign selected tasks to other members of the family. By using the garage and sheds checklist to schedule each family member there will never be a question of who is responsible for each garage and sheds cleaning task.

Garage or Shed Schedule for Week:           Time:           Name Non-Living Area:           
Items Scheduled for Cleaning Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Assigned To: Scheduled: Time
Light Fixtures             
Brush Down Walls             
Door Knobs/Light Switches             
Wash Windows             
Organize Tools             
Containerize Loose Items             
Garage Door             
Window Treatments             
Waste Containers             
Drawers, Shelves, Cabinets

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