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Always put clean clothes away immediately instead of stacking to do later.

Keep a basket in your bedroom and anytime an item appears in your bedroom that does not belong put it in the basket.

Never hang empty hangers in the closet instead put in your basket for transfer to the laundry room so clothes can be hung up as they come out of the dryer.

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How to Correctly Deep Clean Bedrooms

Part 1 - Start Now, Not Later

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Your bedroom should be a peaceful serene place that provides sanctuary at the end of a busy day. It should fill you with calmness and tranquility! Not agitation, anxiety and guilt because it reminds you of all the things you haven't gotten done.

Putting in the work to create that peaceful serene bedroom will renew your core, your energy, your whole mental outlook, empowering you to face each new day invigorated. Deep cleaning the bedroom should not be something you consider optional but as a necessary first step to reach your goal.

It's estimated that over 50% of bedrooms are cluttered, disorderly, chaotic rooms. Minimal cleaning of such rooms is virtually impossible. That means there is an ever increasing number of allergens and dust mites that assault anyone that sleeps in that bedroom.

Deep cleaning of the bedroom and then implementing, and following, simple daily habits with weekly quick bedroom cleaning techniques can make a tremendous difference in your whole general well-being engendering feelings of happiness far beyond expectations..

Cleaning the bedroom deeply and thoroughly will require differing amounts of time totally dependent on your situation. Some will be able to complete bedroom cleaning in half a day but others may require a week or more of days. I'll lay out the necessary steps and actions then you can print out the Bedroom Checklist or maybe even the Blank Checklist and set up your own customized bedroom cleaning schedule that suits the amount of work needing to be done and the time you can commit to getting it done.

There are only two rules for bedroom cleaning you should establish right up front. NO CHEATING! The only person you will be hurting is yourself when you delude yourself into believing there is less work involved in cleaning your bedroom then you truly know has to be done to reach your goal! And when you start a step you MUST CONTINUE UNTIL THAT STEP IS COMPLETED. Failure to complete a step that will further your quest for a clean bedroom will only result in frustration and then failure when you leave things in a bigger mess then when you started. So assuming a bad case scenario let's start: (Caveat: I do not attempt to address truly worse case scenarios; where you have reached the point that you cannot even sleep in your bedroom. There are many other issues at play in these cases that must be dealt with in order to achieve success. If you are at this point a Google search for Declutter Specialist will help you find help.)

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