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Permanent press sheets are easiest to fold and retain a neat appearance to your made bed until the next wash day.

Wash pillows and duvets at least twice a year.

Wash pillows two at a time to keep washing machine balanced. Dry on low-heat until no hint of moisture remains.

Wash mattress covers and pillow protectors at least once a month to keep reduce allergens.

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Part 4 - Deep Cleaning the Bedroom

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If your disorganization and clutter was bad actually cleaning the bedroom will be easy. Gather all your cleaning supplies and cleaning tools in the bedroom and close the door: Vaccum cleaner with ALL attachments needed with or without carpeted rooms, dust mop or broom for flat floors, all purpose cleaner, webster if you have one (brush attachment and hose on vacuum can be used), furniture polish (my preference is to WAX furniture once or twice a year, but the reality is most go the easier road of using something like Pledge). This is NOT the time to use a feather duster. Cleaning rags, lots of rags and a container to place wet rags into as they become dirty. Last you will need a set of clean sheets plus one extra sheet, you can use the dirty top sheet after stripping the bed.

  • Strip the dirty sheets from the bed and put into the hamper. This is not laundry day so don't make cleaning your bedroom more complicated by trying to fit in doing laundry too! Exception: If you only have one mattress pad then it will need to be washed and dried. Mattress pads need to be changed with every sheet change especially for allergy sufferers. Consider purchasing a second one in order to make stripping and remaking the bed one complete task in the future instead of having to delay while you wait for the mattress pad to be washed and dried.

  • Vacuum the entire surface of the mattress.

  • Now is the time to flip the mattress.

    • Mattresses should be flipped every 90 days. Do not try to do this alone with Queen and King sized mattresses and use your judgement about whether you can manage a full or twin mattress on your own.

    • Regular type mattresses should be flipped in a rotating sequence:

      • A brand new mattress should be flipped every 30 days for 3-4 months.

      • 1st turning: Flip Head to Foot

      • 2nd turning: Flip Right over Left

      • 3rd turning: Flip Current Head to the Foot

      • 4th turning: Flip Right over Left.

      • Follow the above sequence every 90 days once the initial *new* mattress turnings are completed.

      • Your mattress will wear evenly and last longer.

    • Follow the manufactuers instructions with pillow top mattresses as some are not supposed to be turned over instead they require rotating, maintaining the same top at all times.

  • DO NOT RE-MAKE BED! You will be raising dust as you continue cleaning the bedroom. Dust you will not want to take to bed with you when the time comes. Sprinkle lightly all over with baking soda, to combat mustiness, and cover the mattress with that extra sheet. The baking soda will stay on during your bedroom cleaning, vacuuming it up will be done just before you put the clean sheets on.

  • All dusting should be done from ceiling to floor to avoid dust falling on clean surfaces.

  • Using the webster or the round/oval brush on the vacuum dust the ceiling.

  • Next clean your light fixture or ceiling fan.

    • Light fixture: Wash the globe or shade in a mild soapy solution rinse and dry. Gently wipe light bulbs and any additional parts. Replace the light globe or shade.

  • Working with one piece of furniture at a time remove all the drawers. Reach inside the cabinet unit and wipe down all the runners and gliders. If necessary use furniture polish, never use a wet rag as moisture can cause swelling of any wooden runners or gliders interfering with your ability to open and close the drawers. As each drawer is replaced in the cabinet wipe down the top inside edges again using furniture polish if necessary. If you have wooden drawers that slide in and out on wooden runners, older furniture and antiques, a candle rubbed on the inside runners and on the bottom of the drawers will help restore its gliding properties.

  • Now with the interiors clean move all furniture, that can be moved, away from the walls. If there is space in your bedroom each piece should be at least its depth away from the wall. If there is no room for moving all the furniture then you will have to move one piece at a time and do the cleaning outlined below before moving that piece of furniture back into position and moving on to the next.

  • Again using the webster or the round/oval brush on the vacuum dust the walls removing all the cobwebs and dust that have accumulated. Always work from the top down so that any escaping falling dust does not fall on already clean surfaces. Dust the entire surface from floor to ceiling. If this has never been done before there is probably going to be a lot of dust.

  • Using a rag and your all purpose cleaner clean your baseboards, light switches, outlets, window and window frame including window sills and the door and door frames. Don't forget the ledges above the doors and windows and pay particular attention to the corners on the floor where excess dirt tends to build up. Never use polish or wax on painted surfaces if there is even the remotest chance these surfaces will have to be repainted. No paint will permanently adhere to any waxed or polished surface.

  • Clean the windows at this time also.

  • Brush down the back of all furniture to remove dust and wipe down with a damp, not wet, rag.

  • Vacuum around the whole perimeter of the bedroom or dust mop/sweep if you have flat floors. If the structure your bedroom furniture goes clear to the floor then you will also have to wet mop before moving the furniture back into position.

  • Now take two clean terry cloth rags about the size of a wash cloth, fold one in half then in half again ending up with a rag that is four layers thick and approximately 4" by 4". Spray an even layer of your polish on that rag, not the furniture, fold the rag in half and twist slightly in order to get the rag to absorb the polish then unfold just that one fold and begin polishing your bedroom furniture.

  • Polish all surfaces of each piece of bedroom furniture paying attention to the rag surface and when it gets moderately dirty refold. I refold so the two surfaces adjacent to each other are still adjacent to each other except the dirty surface is now inside, this will insure maximum use of the polish already in the rag making it necessary to respray only as needed. This method also insure that you are always using a clean rag surface avoiding scratching furniture with dirt that has accumulated on the rag. Using the second dry rag in your opposite hand do the final polishing. With practice some people can apply furniture polish with one hand and polish it out with the second hand at the same time. I am not of the them :-)

  • Do you have a chair? A loveseat? Padded bench? All the upholstered funiture should be thoroughly vacuumed. Remove any cushions on chairs, run your hand into the void between the arm and the seat checking for valuables that might have slipped down inside. Anything from money to jewelry can be found in that area. Once assured there is nothing valuable use the wand on the vacuum to remove the dirt and debris that tends to build up. Use furniture polish on any wood then replace the cushions.

  • Gently remove the sheet that has been covering your mattress and vacuum the surface removing any sign of the baking soda that has been deodorizing your mattress while cleaning the bedroom. Make the bed with fresh clean linens.

  • Move your cleaning supplies to just outside the bedroom door and vacuum, sweep or dust mop the floor. Mop hard floors and while they dry put the vacuum, cleaning supplies and cleaning tools away.

  • When the bedroom floor is dry, if mopped, replace any area rugs and you are done.

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