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Purchase permanent containers to store off season clothing to free up space in drawers and closets.

Stop before purchasing new clothing or accessories, take inventory, do you already have one or more of this new item?

Wash sheets, preferably in hot water, at least every other week.

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Part 3 - Declutter Bedroom Closets and Drawers

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Declutter Bedroom Closets and Drawers: The preferred time to declutter all your bedroom closets and drawers is the same day you straighten the bedroom. Realistically however, if you have never done this and both are disasters, then you may want to devote two separate sessions for this task; one for bedroom closets and one for drawers.

The objective will be to clear out articles of clothing, shoes and accessories that don't fit, you no longer need or wear! There is a lot of controversy about the timing that should be used but my rule of thumb is if I did not wear an article of clothing during the last season, when the item would have been appropriate wear, then I rehome it! Don't just toss it out, instead donate it to one of your local agencies. Not only will you benefit from cleaner bedroom closets and drawers but you'll have a feel good moment knowing you are helping someone.

Drawers are pretty straight forward. Any item found that belongs somewhere else should be dropped into the basket for distribution later. Outdated accessories that haven't been used in recent past seasons, rehomed! Items that need to be repaired should go in the basket to be relocated to the area where you sew. If sewing isn't one of your skills make a quick decision whether the cost to have something repaired outweighs the cost to replace it. If it is reasonable to repair the item and it means you will once again use it by all means move the item to your errands pile and drop it off next time you go out.

Bedroom closets can offer an additional challenge if packed tight with clothes from all seasons. Clothes kept in this manner never look as crisp and sharp as they should and the lack of air circulation can cause them to smell stale and musty. Consider purchasing permanent storage containers some place like The Container Store, they specialize in containers that will permanently provide a way to alternate your Spring/Summer clothing with Fall/Winter clothing. Yes, I know cardboard boxes are more convenient but the intent is to set up a system that will be easy for you to maintain going into the future. Cardboard boxers are also more convenient for mice and bugs to get into and destroy some if not all of your stored clothing. In the future if you buy a new item of clothing rehome an old one, this will insure you maintain the space you have worked so hard to accomplish.

If you have reached this point and have everything done, sit back on your bed and just let the spaciousness of your new bedroom fill you with peace and calm. From this day forward you will no longer start every single day in disorganized chaos. Instead of pulling clothes from piles, instead of racing around in panic to find accessories, you will be able to calmly select from known locations. This alone will fill you with the peace needed to face the new day.

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