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Put clean clothes behind or under clothes not worn recently so that when you reach for the next clean item you grab those least used. If you don't use or wear it REHOME IT!

Last person out of bed each morning makes the bed immediately on rising!

Quick Clean your bedroom regularly to maintain a serene restful atmosphere.

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Tidy the Room

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Tidy the Bedroom: This means every single item of clothing must be hung up, placed in a drawer or thrown in the laundry. From this day forward any clothes worn will be either hung up, if it can be worn again, or thrown into the laundry hamper but never on the bedroom floor. No item of clean clothing will be placed on any surface in the bedroom but immediately hung up or placed in drawers.

Only absolutely needed items are to be left on surfaces. This means the night stand may have a lamp, tissues, alarm clock, coaster - for a night time glass of water and possibly the TV remote control. Essentials Only! NOT clutter. Free up surfaces because as you complete the bedroom cleaning steps those surfaces are probably going to be used.

At the end of this stage your bedroom should look somewhat bare and presentable. YOUR BEDROOM IS NOT CLEAN by any stretch of the imagination but if your mother-in-law visits unexpectedly you won't be totally shamed.

If you have broken your bedroom cleaning down into steps, to be completed over multiple cleaning sessions, then at this point your assignment is to keep the bedroom in this shape through the coming days.

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