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Line drawers to prevent make-up and spills from staining the interior.

Leave bowl cleaner in the brush, tap to remove excess, to prevent bacteria buildup.

Bathroom personal care products should be put into cabinets and drawers leaving a minimum to move when cleaning.

Keep the bathmat clean longer, and provide quicker drying, drape it over the edge of tub or top of shower door.

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How to Clean Bathrooms

Deep, Detailed Cleaning of Bathrooms

You've decided you have to finally fully deep clean that nasty icky bathroom once and for all. It can't be put off any longer! How long has it been? Six months? A year? Maybe even since you moved in? You can continue dreading that bathroom cleaning, imaging how bad it will be, how long it will take and before you know it something will happen that lets you forget it and more months will pass, or, you can grab the opportunity and get it done once and for all.

You've searched the web and landed here so your resolve is high, and I am here to give you the encouragement and information you need to get it done. Deep cleaning the bathroom from the inside out isn't hard but it will take varying amounts of time depending on just how long you have let pass since it was *really* clean the last time.

Once your deep bathroom cleaning is done future bathroom cleaning is really no harder then cleaning any other room in your house. With the proper tools and proper timing in between cleans you should be able to clean most average sized bathrooms in about 10-15 minutes, Quick Clean Bathrooms. However; your first bathroom cleaning is a different story. Especially if it has only been cleaned on an irregular basis in the past and most of those cleanings have consisted more of surface cleaning then full bathroom cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaning Products and Tools

  • Three Containers
    • Trash Container
    • Container for Bathroom Items
    • Container for Non-Bathroom Items
  • Clorox Soft Scrub with Bleach
  • 409 Disinfecting Cleaner
  • The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • The Works Tub & Shower Cleaner for hard water build up or
  • Tilex Soap Scum Remover for soap scum build up (pick according to your needs)
  • Windex, Original Formula
  • 3M, Scotch-Brite Scrubber (white, fine scrubber, bathroom & kitchen)
  • toothbrush for crevices
  • heavy duty Handi-Wipes
  • terry cloth rags
  • disposable towels
  • broom or dustmop
  • soapy ammonia
  • Rayon Cut End Wet Mop or Libman mop

Before you lose that burst of determination let's get started; remember deep cleaning your bathroom means Deep Cleaning in other words from the inside out!

First Deep, Detailed Bathroom Cleaning

Step 1: Place the 3 containers in close proximity to your cabinets and drawers. One by one empty each cabinet and drawer by placing all the items in one container or another determined by its final intended destination.

If an item belongs in a different room place it in that container; items not used in the last 6-9 mos or with an expired expiration date go into the trash container. Finally place the items, that are used regularly, in the Keep in the bathroom container.

Set all the containers outside the bathroom door and move on to step 2.

Step 2: Remove curtains, blinds, mats &/or rugs, and, if you have one, the shower curtain. Wash and dry the curtains, mats &/or rugs, and shower curtain while continuing your bathroom deep cleaning. Clean any blinds according to the manufacturer's instructions. Wait on cleaning the window, window frame and sill - we wll do that later.

Step 3: Take the webster round brush and clean around the perimeter of the bathroom ceiling and down each corner all the way to the floor and back up to continue around the ceiling. Brush lightly across the ceiling making sure to clean all the vent & fan fixtures. Finally run the brush around the top of all base boards and the top of window and door frames. At this time, if needed, mist a damp rag with 409 disinfectant and wash all the bathroom base boards, removing dust and hair spray accumulation.

Step 4: Now wash your window frame and sill with a damp rag misted with 409 if it is painted or wood making sure to wipe down the top ledges of windows and doors now free of loose dust. NEVER use any wax or polish on window frames or sills. If they ever need to be repainted or refinished wax & polish will create major problems with the new finish.

Open the window and using a stilf brush, a recycled paint brush is ideal, brush out all the runners and the outer sill, use a damp paper towel to remove excess debris. Now wash the window, inside and out, if possible. Mist lightly with Windex & wipe with CLEAN terry cloth rags.

This is also a good time to use your stiff brush on the upper ledge of your shower enclosure, if it does not reach the ceiling, then wipe down with a rag misted with 409 - wipe off the top of your metal shower door frame too. This will prevent all the dust that accumlates on these two surfaces from transferring to your shower scrub brush later.

Step 5: Clean & dry light fixtures, wash globes and glass light covers in mild soapy water. If hair spray buildup is a real problem substitute a soapy ammonia mixture in place of the mild soapy water. Clean light switch covers with a rag misted with 409.

Step 6: Dust and clean any shelving, wall accents and curios.

Step 7: Mist the shower walls, tub and shower doors w/Tilex Soap Scum Remover or The Works Shower Cleaner. Scrub and rinse thoroughly. Using a dry terry cloth rag dry the faucet(s), handles and all metal surrounding glass shower doors.

If desired lightly coat all metal on shower doors with lemon oil to help prevent water spotting.

Never use lemon, vinegar or other acid based cleaner on a tiled shower enclosure, it will damage the grout.

Step 8: Dispense Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the toilet making sure to get cleaner under the rim too. While it sets a couple minutes working on the grime that builds up in toilets, check the base of the toilet. Is there urine and dirt buildup where the toilet base meets the floor? Using 409 and a toothbrush scrub all around the toilet base using disposable towels to wipe up. Mopping later should finish the job.

Now swish the toilet cleaner around the inside of the toilet using particular care to scrub well under the rim, flush. Using a rag misted with 409 wipe down all surfaces includiung the toilet seat hinges, handle and all exterior surfaces of the toilet.

You're in the home stretch now.

Step 9: Wipe out all the cabinets and drawers. Replace the items you want kept in the bathroom in their proper location wiping down each as you put it back.

Using Soft Scrub with Bleach scrub out the sink. If the faucets have a build of lime, grime and soap spray with The Works Shower Cleaner and scrub with your toothbrush. RINSE thoroughly. This product can cause damage if allowed to dry on metal surfaces so absolutely do not go anywhere before you scrub and rinse thoroughly. Wipe down the counters with a rag misted with 409.

Step 10: Clean the mirror with Windex Original Formula and dry using a CLEAN terry cloth rag. Use circular strokes and once partially dry change to diagonal strokes working from an upper corner to the opposite lower corner.

Step 11: Replace the curtains, both shower curtain if used and the window curtains, flip the bath mat over the tub edge or the top of the shower door.

Step 12: Sweep the floor and mop with mild soapy water or soapy ammonia if hair spray buildup on the floor is a problem. In the case of heavy hair spray buildup it may be necessary to rinse the mop multiple times. Allow to dry and replace any rugs.

Turn out the lights and close the door. Your determination has paid off with a sparkling clean bathroom, one you can be proud of.

Congratulations! You now have a sparkling clean Bathroom. For help to keep it that way use the bathroom checklist will help you schedule various bathroom cleaning tasks. The checklist can also be used to delegate easier bathroom cleaning chores to other family members.

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