House Cleaning

Pick up obstacles to speed up vacuuming.

Open blinds or turn on lights to insure all debris is picked up.

Plug vacuum in near where you start so cord follows behind you.

Always run vacuum over traffic areas *twice* to get ground in dirt.

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House Cleaning is my business. I have been housecleaning for other people, at least on a part time basis, for nearly 4 decades. Twenty years ago housecleaning became my full time business. My first job, at 17, was as a nanny/housekeeper for a young widow forced to return to college because of the death of her husband. Through the next 2 decades I continued to take the occasional housecleaning customer even as I worked as a department head, for one of the largest mail order firms in the world, and then as an office manager for another firm. What can I say? I'm a sucker for women struggling with their housecleaning issues!

When down-sizing resulted in the loss of the first job and the firm's bankruptcy ended the second I returned to House Cleaning; not because I couldn't do anything else, I had multiple offers, but I wanted the freedom to schedule my time to suit me, not an employer, and quite frankly I'm good at housecleaning. The last 2 decades have been spent housecleaning for some of the most successful women in my area.

I'm not sure exactly when it occurred to me that my hourly income was determined by how efficiently I clean a house, but, when it did I began changing my tools and methods. House Cleaning became a challenge. Gradually I began to achieve results with my housecleaning, equal to my previous methods, while shortening the time spent by nearly 50%.

The average income level for housecleaning in my area is $10-12 per hour. I clear $20+ per hour! yet my customer pays me exactly what it would cost to hire one of those other housecleaners. I pick and choose who I do housecleaning for, always have a waiting list, and I'm treated as a close family friend. Why? because I make sure each and everyone of them gets what they have never had with previous housecleaners, superior housecleaning and total reliability.

The tools and suggestions offered here on House Cleaning Made Easy have a variety of sources; some I actually learned from customers, some were learned by trial and error and one in particular, which I can only use in the privacy of my own home, came via an Okinawan maid I had during a four year stay in Okinawa, Japan. Each is a gem that I sincerely hope will lessen the time you spend on those never ending tasks that some call chores and others housecleaning.

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